I’ve Got Issues — She’s a Good Neighbor

What a crazy busy week for the Worst. Comic. Podcast. EVER! We had a live recording at the Peanut on 127th St. to send Cullen off to Portland in fine fashion. Then Saturday, I spent the day pimping the podcast and the Hero Initiative to the attendees of the Elite Comics’ We Are Still Batman event. I was thrilled to meet so many of you at the event, and I will be seeing more of you next weekend at the Free State Comicon in Lawrence this weekend. That hasn’t left much time this week to read comics, but what I have read has been awesome.

DC Comics Bombshells #2

Writer: Marguerite Bennett
Artists: Laura Braga, Stephen Mooney, Ted Naifeh
Colorist: Wendy Broome
Letterer: Wes Abbott

Several years ago, DC Collectibles started releasing statues of famous DC Comics heroines done up as 1940s pin-ups. Based on that success, it quickly became a month of variant covers from artist Ant Lucia. And the success of that project propelled DC Comics to create a digital comic based on the various “Bombshell” characters, and DC is once again collecting the digital comics into a printed comic, which finally gets it in my hands. Now, part of the charm is that the title only focuses on the female characters, such as Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Mera, and more. While these are characters we are quite familiar with, their costumes have been changed to reflect the “Bombshell” motif, while retaining their traditional color schemes. The digital-first initiatives can be somewhat hit-and-miss, as they rotate through creative teams on a regular basis in order to meet the weekly deadlines. I know this is early in the run of the title, but I hope that the crew attached to the title now, in particular writer Marguerite Bennett, stays with the book as long as possible.

Groot #4

Storytellers: Jeff Loveness
Artist/Colorist: Brian Kesinger
Letterer: Jeff Eckleberry

groot4My first inclination was to just copy and paste “I am Groot!” about 100 times and then move on to the next review. I may still do that at some point. But I figured maybe I should take a few moments to discuss the issue in a little more detail. This has been such a fun read this summer. Back in issue #1, a bounty hunter showed up trying to capture Groot, but had to settle for Rocket instead. Since then, Groot has been traveling across the galaxy, in a modified farm combine-turned-spaceship, in search of his friend who looks like a raccoon but isn’t. Along the way, Groot encounters a mix of alien races, such as the Skrulls that he met in this issue. This issue ends with a mix of lows and highs, as we see Groot destroyed and set on fire. But all is not lost, as we see in the final panels, a sliver of our title-hero survives and starts to grow again. Which means that next issue will feature BABY GROOT! Take that, Skottie Young!

Rachel Rising #36

by Terry Moore

rr36coverIn full disclosure, I have been a long-time fan of Terry Moore for more than 20 years now. I picked up some issues of Strangers in Paradise (second volume) off the shelf, just because I knew it was the only way to get my friend Brent to stop pestering me to buy the book. From the very start, I was hooked. I went back and found copies of the issues I was missing, and have stayed with his works, from Strangers in Paradise to Echo to now Rachel Rising, for the last two decades. Moore’s black & white artwork is a mix of beautiful women, poignant moments, and laugh-out-loud scenes, sometimes all within the same panel. This book has been a creepy read from the very start, dealing with murdered women rising from the grave, and demons possessing bodies across the centuries. I’ll be honest, picking up issue #36 will be a tough read if this is your first issue. In which case, you should go track down the first 35 issues ofRachel Rising as well. But even if you are not able to follow the story, the artwork alone stands out for it’s realistic details and figures. A lot of artists would be well-served by some time reading and reviewing books drawn by Terry Moore.

Weirdworld #4

Writer: Jason Aaron
Artist: Mike Del Mundo
Colorist: Mike Del Mundo & Marco D’Alfonso
Letterer: VC’s Cory Petit

I want to believe that everyone is reading this book already. We’ve been pimping it ALL SUMMER LONG! Not that I would advocate this, but you could probably make a Weirdworld drinking game to go along with the number of mentions this book gets on our podcast each week. Yet despite our pimping, the sales figures for this book are just barely in the top #100 each month. Maybe some of you are borrowing copies from friends, to which I would say, “Go buy your own copy!” Or maybe some are reading the digital edition, to which I would say, “Go buy your own copy!” Any guesses what I will tell any of you waiting for the trade? I bet it starts with, “Go buy your own copy!” Now, with all of that said, seriously go buy a copy of this most recent book. Arkon finds himself encountering a entire host of Man-Things, in the various forms and versions from the last 40 years. Of course, if Man-Thing is around, Jennifer Kale must be nearby too. We’ve got just one more issue of this storyline to see if Arkon can finally defeat Morgan Le Fey and finally return to his home in Polemachus.

Finally, let’s rewind last week, and fast-forward this week!

Last Week:

This Week:

  • Plenty of shows on TV this week. Be sure to check out the WCPE TV listings to see what is on tonight.
  • Brent will give us his list for Four Comics I Want for NCBD this week. Not to spoil it, but expect at least one Doctor Who book to be on his list.
  • For the podcast, we will do a wrap-up of the We Are Still Batman event!
  • Jerry and Brent will be back with the second Second Opinion of the new season.
  • This Saturday, look for Jerry and John at the Free State Comicon.



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